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Top Tips For Females Wanting To Achieve A Better Body Shape

Trying to achieve a better body shape takes a lot more work than just calories in vs calories out. If you want to look better, perform better and feel better physically and mentally it’s going to take these following tips to achieve it.

  1. Lift Weights - I will preach this one until the day I die, you must lift weights and train to build muscle and strength. Muscle is THE only way to reshape and define your body, restricting calories and performing heavy cardio session will just make you a slightly skinnier version. Weight training will enhance your calorie output, make you feel stronger, prevent muscle wastage, prevent osteoporosis, reduces depression and stress, lower risk of diabetes, improves heart health, I could go on all day, but I won’t. Start training with weights to achieve a better body shape and all the above.

  2. Don’t Diet Too Low - Women often make the mistake of dieting too low this leaves them zapped with energy, hormones out of balance and loss of muscle tissue. This is the opposite of what you are striving for your body needs a certain amount of calories to function at it’s best. If you restrict your calories too low what are you going to do when your fat loss holts? Restrict them more? Train more with less energy? You just set yourself up for failure.

  3. Get Your Protein Up - 90% of my clientele are women and a common problem I always come across is poor protein intake. Protein is the building blocks of our bodies, they are used to repair everything there is inside. This includes our muscles, weight training helps maintain muscle mass but you need an adequate protein intake to support it. Aim for 0.8g-1g per lb of body weight, someone who is 150lbs should aim between 120-150g of protein per day.

  4. Be Healthy To Look Healthy - If your sleep and digestion is poor and stress is high maybe dieting now isn’t the best idea. To perform and look your best your health needs to be at its best. However if you eat poorly this doesn’t mean you can continue to eat poorly, this is a clear indiction you need to start eating healthier foods. Eating healthier foods can improve all of these things as poor nutrition can hinders them all.

  5. Incorporate Metabolic Training - A good tool I like to use with my slightly more experienced clients is metabolic training at the end of their session. Metabolic workouts are great for increasing calorie output and burning fat in a short space of time.

  6. Don’t Become Obsessed With The Scales - Too many women focus on their weight and fail to notice everything else going on. Your weight has hardly gone down, so what? Your sleep has improved your old clothes are baggy, your lifting heavier than before, your less stressed and feel more energised, who gives a (insert rude word) about a digital number. Focus on things that really matter.

  7. Make Non Negotiable’s - Make weekly non negotiable’s to achieve your goals. This could be that you will work out a minimum or three times per week, that you’ll eat healthy 85% of the time, walk a minimum of thirty minutes per day. It could be anything that helps you achieve your goals, without these you are more likely to slip off track. My three non negotiable are exercise four times per week (three weights), work on my mobility fives times per week and learn something new five times per week. These are things I make sure I stick to and tick off every week. Start with one non negotiable then once it becomes a solid habit add another.

  8. Enjoy It - Working out to achieve a better body should be fun not boring. Find what you enjoy most and stick to it, but don’t get boring and hard mixed up. Enjoying it doesn’t mean it will be easy, it’s not and it does take hard and dedicated work to achieve great results. There will be days you can’t be bothered to train but you must either persist through or make the day up later in the week. There will be days you want to eat poorly but I would recommend avoiding it. If you cant’t avoid it make sure you reduce your calories for the rest of the week or train two extra days.

There you have it my top tips to achieve a better body shape.

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Thanks for reading :)

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