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A Personal Trainer Hiring A Peronsal Trainer?

I have been suffering with my injury now for 18 long months and in all honesty I have lost so much motivation for the gym. I have tried and failed so many times to get my mojo back but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. There have been weeks where I haven’t trained at all, weeks where I just train legs and weeks where training is good. But the biggest battle has been my lack of motivations and weeks of feeling very low. Training was in a sense my life, not because I was obsessed but because I really enjoyed it it was what I looked forward to the most. Now it just consist of samey routines or I struggle with pain and frustration. So I have hired a personal trainer to teach me some new things.

But wait why would a personal trainer hirer another personal trainer? Because I don’t know everything and anyone can benefit from hiring a personal trainer. The top athletes in the world have pe

rsonal trainers so “knowing enough” isn’t a good enough reason not to hirer someone. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, rehab mobility and advance flexibility aren't my strengths I know a little bit not as much as others. I am always looking to learn new things and I am very excited to be learning some new exercises and getting new tips. Due to the excitement I am now looking forward to training again, my regime and knowledge became stagnant as I was repeating the same exercises time after time. I needed a new structure and to even not think about it for once. My job revolves around building plans for other people so it’s nice to have some structure written for me where I don’t have to plan it.

The other benefit of hiring a personal trainer is education (maybe I can claim it on my expenses haha) everything I learn during my time of training I can apply into my clients sessions. I am always looking to learn so I can boost my knowledge to give my clients the best possible service.

If you have never hired a personal trainer before I strongly suggest doing so, it will change your health and fitness for life. You will learn how to get the most out of training and you will learn correct techniques and how to sustain a healthy and fit body long term. Before you start thinking this is just me trying to get you to buy my personal training it doesn’t even have to be from me. There are plenty of personal trainers out there but you need to do your research as there are some bad ones to. Find one that matches your personality and be sure they are going to take your goals on like it’s their own to help you achieve them.

Learning from a good personal trainer will open your eyes to fitness and will educate you a lot. Training isn’t about turning up in the gym and shifting some weight, theres more that meets the eye. Theres correct techniques, correct breathing, core engagement, certain muscle activation etc etc. Anyone can turn up and lift a weight but it takes education and a good amount of focus to lift weight whilst doing all the above.

You didn’t learn to drive a car from jumping in and going, so why treat your fitness the same.

P.s this is now a week after I hired a trainer to create me a plan and from when I first started writing this. And my motivation is high and I’m now more excited to train and today I was even buzzing after I finish. Man it feels good to be back :D.

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