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Look On The Bright Side

I get it, sometimes its hard to always see the positive side of a bad situation but theres always something you can learn from any situation.

Its took me a very long time to see a positive in my shoulder injury, all I see is pain and frustration most of the time. If I ever do feel positive its getting better I am quickly shut back down as the pain comes back form no where.

It wasn’t until a conversation I had with one of my clients that I did see and figure out the positives in my injury.

He asked if I knew everything I knew because of my shoulder injury.

Which was true, I knuckled down an invested time and money to learn more.

My knowledge on posture, scapular control, posture deviations, muscle imbalances and end rage of movement training has improved incredibly.

Not only has this benefited my training but has greatly improved my clients training to, more so theirs than mine.

Every time I experience pain, sure I get frustrated and agitated for a while but then I get to work on trying new things to fix it and I’m pain free for longer each time.

This is exactly what happens with fat loss.

Sure you may be frustrated and feel like throwing in the towel as you aren’t seeing results but you have just found out one way that doesn’t work.

This makes you one step closer to getting it right so keep going and learning.

Theres 100s of methods that wont work for you, every time you fail to see fat loss you’ve learned one more thing that hasn’t worked and you are now one step closer to seeing results.

“insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” - Albert Einstein

If you haven’t been seeing results but still trying the same method then you never will see results. You must learn and adapt your methods every time you fail.

Make sure you do not jump from diet to diet though thats not what I mean.

Slightly adjust your course and continue.

Everyone fails more than they succeed, remember that.

Some people fail, learn, fail less, learn more, fail, learn, fail, fail, fail, learn, fail, learn and succeed.

Whilst others will fail, learn, fail, invest time and money into someone who has learned and failed more than them and then succeed faster.

Both lead to results IF you apply the knowledge you learn, but you can succeed a lot quicker by investing your money and time into someone else who knows what you need to learn.

Someone who wants to become a writer will invest time and money into a professional writing or English literature courses.

Someone who wants to grow their business will invest time and money into a marketing, finance or an accounting course.

If you want to skip past all the fails you should invest your time and money into reaching your goals, so you can learn how to lose fat, build muscle, increase strength or achieve all three.

Thats why I’m offering you a chance to invest your time, not your money into a weeks free trial with me at my private studio.

If you then wish to invest more time and your money into learning how to achieve your goals after, awesome I would love to help.

If not then that’s cool to, I would of been happy to have met and gotten to know you.

To book in your weeks free trial you can message me at

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Thanks for reading :)


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