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You're Not Born With Stress

Your job, your relationships, your home life, or just your life in general, are likely to be one of the main reasons you have unwanted body fat.

When most people are unhappy in one of these areas they lead to overconsumption of calories for comfort and a lack of energy and motivation due to stress.

That's why in Coaching I don't just look at their nutrition and workouts I look at my client's entire lifestyle.

Think about it.

If someone was overeating because they were unhappy in their job, or because they were stressed because of the work capacity which caused them to grab quick easy comfort food what use would it be if I just said eat fewer calories?

That's not addressing the main issue at hand.

This week I have spoken to quite a couple of clients about how their work life is affecting their quality of life.

One client's work life is making them super stressed which is inhibiting their sleep and promoting them to consume more calorie-dense snacks.

Again if I were to only focus on sorting out the snacks that won't help fix the problem causing the need for them in the first place.

Another client's work is affecting an injury that we did manage to clear up but work is now affecting it and bringing it back again.

I could keep focussing on loosening off tight muscles and strengthening the weaker ones but yet again this isn't addressing the route and causation of the problem.

I need to be able to address the causations with them so we are then able to fix the problems that occur from them.

It's like having a leaking pipe and trying to choose the best mop to soak it up when in fact what you need to do first is sort out the leaking pipe.

Right now there is probably something contributing to you being out of shape or causing you to overeat and that's what you need to address.

With both of my clients, it came down to organisation, so what we have started to do is implement some techniques to help with just that.

We are ensuring we plan our workdays properly, focussing on only the tasks that need to be done on that day, scheduling and allocating slots for certain tasks, and ensuring we stick to that plan.

The plan was created by asking specific questions and coming up with solutions that they could adhere too.

You must ask the right questions to come up with the right solution otherwise you can add more stress to the situation.

This is something I have gotten better at over the years of coaching which is asking the right questions and they're sometimes tough questions that people won't ask themselves.

So many clients I have had to have hard and conversations with on why they emotionally eat and the reasons can be very upsetting to listen to and of course for them to talk about.

But once we identified that causation we were then able to understand and address the issue making the journey much easier and smoother.

The most common issues I come across for people being unhappy and having unwanted body fat are:

Work Stress

Life Stress

Lack of knowledge

& Peer and Family Pressure

No one is born stressed, no one is born lazy, and no one is born unmotivated these are all learned behaviours through your environments.

Because they are learned that also means they can be unlearned, knowledge has to be acquired and peer and family pressure has to be addressed.

It's easier to not ask hard questions, it's easier to not acquire knowledge and it's easier to not address these issues that cause the problem you have but right now easier isn't making you happy nor is it helping with your body confidence.

Therefore easy isn't the solution and you need to step out of your comfort zone and do these difficult things to improve your confidence and your happiness.

The sooner you do the sooner you'll be happier, healthier, fitter, and stronger.

If you're finding it hard to ask the right questions feel free to email me and I'll be happy to help you out.

Coach Louis


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